Worship “style” often becomes a key component when faced with choosing a church.  Frequently the first question asked regarding our church is “Are you a traditional or contemporary style church”.  Unfortunately we live in a church culture where worship is defined as “traditional” when you wear choir robes, play an organ, and only sing hymns or “contemporary” when you have electric guitars, fog machines, and light shows.   Many churches have fought internal and external battles over their styles.  It is our belief that worship wars occur when you allow them to occur and “styles” become the focus above the purpose of the worship.  When faced with the question  “Is Redemption Hill Church traditional or contemporary?” we typically answer neither.  On any given Sunday you will see a variety of instruments from guitars, to violin, cello, and keyboards.  You will experience some who raise their hands and others who don’t.  Our worship style simply reflects our church body, and the talents with which God has blessed us.  Redemption Hill’s statement regarding worship is…

We believe worship through music is a time that is spiritual, inspirational and ultimately grounded in the character and saving grace of Jesus Christ.  Such worship must be a reflection of our faith and expressed in a way that is relative to the believing community of Redemption Hill Church.


Another critical component of choosing a church should be the teaching of God’s Word.   Like music, there are different styles of preaching that go beyond the personality of the pastor.  Obviously each pastor has their own personality, which creates a specific style to them, some are humorous, and some are loud while others more soft-spoken.  Some teach in a style that resembles a classroom lecture while others speak with passion resembling a half-time speech. While personality styles may have some influence the much more important factor ought to be the role of the Bible.

In preaching terms there are two main styles: Topical preaching or Expository preaching.  A Topical style means sermons will be built around specific topics or themes.  An Expository style means that a specific book of the Bible will be examined often verse–by-verse.  Pastor Chad Clement, the Senior Pastor at Redemption Hill Church, strongly believes in expository preaching.   This style of teaching causes the Bible to be the main attraction, which is the desire of RHC.   We hope you bring your Bible to church.  We use the English Standard Version (ESV) in our teaching.